Soil management

Are you planning a project that requires earthworks? Then strategic soil management is crucial as from the design phase in order to keep the costs as limited as possible by, amongst others, combining soil discharge with an eventual necessary remediation. In order to be able to integrate soil management into your design, however, a prior soil survey must be conducted.

As a soil expert, Envirosoil has the experience and expertise to determine the right strategy and to advise you on the procedures that are to be followed and the techniques that are to be used in a soil survey and remediation. By means of sampling and soil analysis, we investigate possible solutions and give appropriate advice for sustainable soil management. To this end, we draw up a clear and detailed plan of approach that can be adjusted at every stage of the project. It is a question of achieving optimal results and minimising costs and keeping them under control.

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Soil is a valuable asset and must be well managed at all times.

  • Has the soil been contaminated because of certain activities and does this pose a risk to one’s health and the environment? Then that risk that has been established must be removed in order to safeguard the environment, or to be able to use the terrain in question once again. Removing that risk usually requires soil remediation.
  • Will soil be moved during construction projects or infrastructure works? In that case, it must be avoided that the contaminated soil would be moved to uncontaminated locations due to the earthmoving works. Before commencing with the earthmoving, a soil survey is recommended for the determination of the environmental hygiene of the soil and eventual contamination by human activity. Based on the result of the soil survey, the soil that is to be excavated can be reused locally, or removed in a targeted manner without creating new contamination.
  • Calamities (fire, collision between vehicles, ...) can also lead to soil contamination. These are then new contaminations that will require full remediation as quickly as possible.