Indicative survey

Indicative survey

Have you purchased a building site, are you selling a plot of land or would you like to start up a construction project on a site where there used to be a potentially contaminating activity? Then a soil survey will be recommended (and often mandatory).

We commence with an indicative or an exploratory survey. In this case, we will first look at the past. Which activities were executed? Were they contaminating in nature? We subsequently examine whether the soil of the site is contaminated or not. As a recognised soil expert, we have the experience and expertise to accurately establish the quality of the soil and groundwater by taking samples and doing spot sampling (e.g. soil and water samples). We use the procedures and standards as laid down by the regional authorities.

The indicative survey focuses on:

  • The inventory of soil contamination
  • The conducting of soil surveys in risk zones where potentially contaminating activities have occurred
  • Taking and analysing samples of soil and groundwater
  • The verification of the established concentrations of pollutants in relation to the activities studied
  • Comparing the concentrations with the applicable regional standards

Is an exceedance of the standards established after sampling? Then there is evidence of soil contamination and we have to proceed to an in-depth survey.

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