In the final phase of the soil survey, we focus on the management of the identified risks. We investigate the most efficient way to execute the remediation in this regard. Or, does a follow up (monitoring) of the evolution of the risk suffice?

The choice of techniques depends on various factors, such as the location, the nature and severity of the soil contamination and the objective of the location. However, before remediation can commence, a soil survey is usually mandatory. As a certified soil expert, we are now quite familiar with the required working methods and we have extensive experience with regards to soil remediation.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • The preparation of the soil remediation project (excavation, earthmoving, disposal of contaminated soil, in-situ techniques, ...) by our specialised experts
  • Coordination and supervision of the soil remediation works
  • Coordination and supervision of the remediation of the contaminated groundwater
  • Coordination and supervision of the protection of the environment by the eventual application of a covering layer or a soil layer

Envirosoil has both the expertise for the preparation of the soil remediation project and the expertise for the supervision, in order to ensure that any remediation work is executed efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us for further information.