Demolition inventory

During the demolition or dismantling of a building or engineering structure (roads, bridges,…), various waste materials are released on the construction site. As a property developer, you are then usually required to have a ‘Demolition Inventory Waste’ drawn up. Envirosoil has the experience to compile such inventories. We use the guideline of the OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders). In addition, if desired and useful, we will also compile a demolition monitoring plan according to Tracimat, in order to be able to dispose of the waste materials under the most favourable conditions and have them processed into secondary raw materials and to keep the costly volume that is to be dumped as limited as possible.

The inventory stipulates the following for all waste material:

  • what the waste is called
  • the corresponding EURAL code
  • the estimated quantity (in cubic meters or in tonnes) that will be released during the works
  • the place within the building where the waste material is
  • the type of manifestation
  • a photo report