Calamities – Damages

Calamities – Damages

What should you do in case of an (unforeseen) accident or calamity with soil contamination as a result? For example, a leak in a fuel tank, or released diesel fuel after an incident, an accidental discharge, a break in a fuel line or an overfilling of a tank. Quick action to limit the consequences of soil contamination is the appropriate measure to take.

Envirosoil helps you in case of calamities with:

  • The conducting of the soil remediation (containment and immediate removal of the contamination)
  • The maintaining of contacts and making arrangements with the authorities
  • The preparation of a final report on the completion of the soil remediation works

Envirosoil has teams on stand-by that can intervene quickly and efficiently in case of an emergency and start with the right procedures so that the extent of the contamination is reduced to a minimum. Envirosoil can subsequently supervise the removal of the contaminated soil with monitoring the process and finally draw up a report when all the contamination has been removed.

Take note

The following are not considered as an unforeseen event: discovering of a landfill, leaks due to the storage of car wrecks or other waste materials, etc. Contact us for more information.

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