Asbestos and asbestos inventory

Asbestos and asbestos inventory

Materials containing asbestos are hazardous waste and must be removed separately with the necessary safety measures. Are you planning renovation or demolition works in an asbestos-containing building? Then a prior asbestos survey is an absolute necessity.

Envirosoil has various specialists to identify asbestos-containing and/or asbestos-suspect materials and to compile the necessary inventory with an eventual additional analysis of the suspicious materials, in order to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos in those materials, with the addition of the existing asbestos classification, including the classification into non-bonded and bonded asbestos.

Conduct EBSD asbestos surveys within the framework of VLAREBO (soil surveys) and VLAREMA (asbestos surveys regarding granules, hardened layers, such as sub-base foundations of roads, buildings,…) and on soil layers, according to the methods included in the CMA. In order to minimise the risks with asbestos, our experts combine all necessary safety procedures and techniques with the objective to maintain a correct asbestos management.

Do you need advice on asbestos, or do you have any questions regarding asbestos removal? The Envirosoil specialists are at your service.

Envirosoil has the expertise and the required certificates to take care of all your soil and asbestos issues with the utmost care. Moreover, we address calamities quickly and efficiently. We are available to intervene in (environmental) incidents, calamities and other emergency situations. Contact us for an appointment without any obligation.

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