Soil survey

In the redevelopment of abandoned terrains and also often in the conveyance of land, advice and/or a soil survey by a professional soil expert is always recommended. And in order to obtain a soil certificate, the report must be drawn up by a recognised soil expert. We can map out eventual contamination, estimate the eventual remediation and the value of the terrain can be determined correctly in this way. Soil contamination - and the cost of making a terrain usable again - has an important financial impact on the total cost after all.

In addition, Envirosoil is a recognised soil expert, so that the reports drawn up according to a specific pattern can be used to obtain a soil certificate.

In order to limit the costs of a preliminary, exploratory or site soil survey, we always conduct a historical survey first. Have there been any activities on the terrain or in the immediate vicinity in the past? What kind of activity and in which place? Based on the results, we can then decide whether further investigation is mandatory or appropriate. Here we work step by step. Asbestos must also be included systematically in Flanders as a standard suspect substance as from 2019 onwards.

In urgent cases, and certainly in the case of acute new contaminations (accidents, calamities, ...), a number of steps of the soil survey can be skipped and one can proceed to remediation immediately. It is a matter of removing the core of the problem quickly . A final soil survey must then determine whether all soil contamination has been removed or not.

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