Soil remediation: design

Soil remediation: design

Do you have a piece of land that you would like to sell or process? But, there is a possibility (or a suspicion) of contamination and management or an active soil remediation is required? As a soil expert, Envirosoil has the expertise to advise you in this regard.

A soil remediation project has the objective to determine the method for removing the soil contamination. Such remediation does not necessarily have to be executed on its own, but can preferably be incorporated into the redevelopment of a contaminated terrain in order to limit costs through synergy. The excavation and removal of contaminated soil can, for instance, be combined with the excavation of an underground car park. Or vice versa: in the case of limited soil contamination, the location of the underground car park can be provided at a place where there is no contamination in order to reduce the costs of earthmoving.

It is clear that, from an economic point of view, the concept of the soil remediation project, in particular the design of the remediation, or the management of the soil contamination, can be influenced to a large extent by the future use of the terrain concerned.

It is therefore important to consult an experienced soil expert when redeveloping terrains where there is soil contamination. Envirosoil has years of experience in developing strategies for soil remediation and soil management. Even in complex and heavily contaminated locations, we assure you of a reliable, high-quality and economical execution with the focus on optimal results. You can rely on that. A team of experts will assist you, from the design of the soil remediation project up to and including the final report (closing of the earthworks and eventual remediation) in order to reach the most cost-efficient approach. Contact us for more information.

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