Soil remediation: execution

Soil remediation: execution

After drafting a strategic framework for the soil remediation project (active removal or management of the contamination), a concrete plan of approach for the execution of the remediation will follow. Envirosoil has an extensive team of experts who supervise the different phases of the soil remediation.

The project management in charge of a soil remediation strives for the preparation of the most economical and most fitting soil remediation project.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • Drawing up of the specifications and plans
  • Contacting of contractors and evaluation of proposals 
  • Assessing the risks and the development of a safety plan
  • Organising of the general site coordination
  • Drafting the planning
  • Following up of the work quality and adjusting it, if necessary
  • Monitoring the budget
  • Executing of site checks and drawing up of site reports
  • Drawing up of the final report

Our specialists will inform you, and keep you informed, about the approach and progress of the remediation. They will also discuss the need for eventual aftercare with you. The remediation works are always chosen in function of efficiency, applicability, cost price, timing, expected results, etc.

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