Do you need to excavate soil (or have it excavated)? And does it pertain to more than 250 cubic meters or ‘suspicious soil’? Then that soil cannot be freely removed. A prior survey or intervention by specific contractors is required.

However, if you want to know the costs in advance and get the best market prices for the execution of the works, then a survey prior to reuse is the preferred method, also for reuse on the terrain itself.

Envirosoil has of a specific team of employees who takes care that the survey proposal is prepared in case of such surveys. This proposal includes the sampling strategy, taking the history, the planned project, the extent, the assessment of the analysis results and the preparation of the Technical Report (Flanders) into account, with a decision-making that is feasible for the contractor. Sampling for the survey can be executed both on the location prior to the earthworks actually being executed and on the eventual heaps that are laid down as intermediate stock.

Envirosoil has, with regards to sampling, its own sampling teams (manual and by machine), whereby depths of up to 25 to 30 meters can be achieved when done by machine, depending on the type of subsoil. This enables Envirosoil to respond to virtually all questions in the context of earthmoving in the short term.

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