Second Opinion

Second Opinion

In the context of larger and complex remediation dossiers, it is advisable to seek advice from a 2nd independent expert. In such second opinion dossiers, the expertise of our senior experts can contribute to a different and additional insight into complex remediation dossiers without having to start from scratch.

Why a second opinion can be useful. Many parties are involved in the sale of a terrain or the execution of a soil remediation (the owner or operator, the buyer, the government, the notary, the contractor, possibly the insurance company or court). Each party has other interests. As a party involved, it can thus be interesting to know the assessment of a 2nd soil expert.

Envirosoil offers the following second opinion services:

  • A simple second opinion, being the assessment of the surveys conducted
  • Conducting an own inspection survey (including cost estimate of the remediation works)
  • Drafting detailed quotations

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