Soil drilling and in situ techniques

The Envirosoil fieldwork teams have the knowledge, experience and techniques to execute drilling in any kind of terrain and to install level indicators to map the environmental hygiene of the soil in function of the commission.

Envirosoil offers you the following:

  • Soil drilling and taking soil samples for environmental hygienic soil surveys, dry drilling and the placement of monitoring observation wells around construction works
  • Manual drilling in various soil types (Edelman, clay, gravel ...)
  • Machine-operated drilling techniques
  • Surveys of the groundwater (analysis, infiltration, groundwater level ...)
  • Requesting of plans for cables, piping and sewerage for work in public areas
  • Executing of PID and other measurements for the detection, localisation and qualitative measurement in the drilling process of specific pollutants

Envirosoil has its own sampling teams (manual and machine-operated) that use the most modern equipment and are VCA* certified.

Are you looking for an efficient approach with regards to your survey drilling and in situ techniques?

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