Risk analysis

A risk and urgency analysis follows after the in-depth survey. We assess the risk of the established soil contamination on people, the environment (to a considerable extent the groundwater) and the ecosystem in such a study.

The risk analysis takes all elements and factors that could influence the mobility of the contamination in the soil, the groundwater and the air (via evaporation) in the local area into account. These include, for example, the floor covering, a cellar, the absence of surface groundwater, the depth of the contamination, the access to the terrain … For this, as soil experts, we use proven, official standard evaluation models.

Contaminations that pose a (serious) risk to humans, groundwater and the environment and new contaminants that will or could lead to a necessary remediation. In other, less urgent cases, measures can be taken to monitor the evolution of the soil contamination, or to take risk management measures in the longer term.

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